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Education at Fort Concho

From school tours and Frontier School to summer events for children, Fort Concho has been offering educational programs for students for over 40 years. Schools throughout the Concho Valley and across Texas come to Fort Concho to explore our buildings and experience what it was like to live at a frontier fort in West Texas during the late 1800s.

Information and Educational Opportunities for Schools: Educators Guide 2021 through 2022

Frontier School

The fort’s longest running educational program, Frontier School provides an immersive learning experience. The program is modeled after a school day in the 1880s. Students will participate in reading lessons from period school readers, arithmetic lessons with slate chalk boards, a spelling bee, and period games.

Suitable for 4th & 7th grade
For school groups of 30 or less
Pre-visit and program information

Museum Trunks

Fort Concho is proud to announce museum trunks are now available! These trunks are filled with items that help bring the history of the fort into your classroom.

Fort Concho Museum Trunks are checked out on a first-come, first-served basis. The checkout period for a trunk is two weeks. Each trunk contains lesson plans, artifacts, games, and activities. Please request a trunk at least two weeks in advance.

Currently, there are two trunks available:

  • Children on the Frontier and Their Toys (Kindergarten- 3rd)
  • Tim Nowak Trunk: Soldiers during the Indian Wars and Reconstruction
    (Grades 4-7 or 8-12)

Checkout is Monday-Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Saturday 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM, and Sunday 1:00 PM to 4:30 PM. Upon requesting the trunk, the education coordinator will coordinate a date for pick up. Please return the trunks to the Visitor Center at Barracks 1 with both inventory sheets completed.

A $25 security deposit is required to check out a trunk. The deposit will be refunded after the trunk is returned to Fort Concho. Checks may be made to the Fort Concho Foundation.

Museum Trunk Request Form

Field Trips
Summer Embroidery Program (For both Adults and Children)

Adult: June 26th 2021 (9AM-12PM); Children: June 29th or July 6th 2021 (8AM-12PM)

Fort Concho Summer Embroidery Program is designed to teach participants embroidery skills they can use for the rest of their lives. While they embroider, they also get to know the other participants. Fort Concho hopes to teach the participants the basics of embroidery, including threading a needle, how to assemble fabric in a hoop, the running stitch, and the back stitch. If there is additional time, participants will learn more complex stitches. Participants will be allowed to keep their hoop, finished products, and needle upon completing the program.

Click here for the form: Summer Embroidery Camp Registration and Information

(Upon completing the form, please email the form to or bring the form to Fort Concho’s Visitor Center)

Resources for Parents and Educators

Questions? Contact our Education Department at 325-657-4443.

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