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Frontier School at Fort Concho

Welcome to Frontier School at Fort Concho.  Your bus driver will drop  you and your students off at Officers Quarters 9 (OQ9) on Avenue D, which is where you will start your visit.  You will be greeted on the front porch by one of the fort staff.  From there you will move inside where we will spend about 30 minutes getting your students oriented and dressed for “school”.  If weather and time allow, we will then take your students out to the flag pole to assist with the raising of the colors.  From there we will return to OQ9 to retrieve lunches and move on to the school house for lessons.  Lessons generally consist of reading, math and spelling.  There will be a restroom break and lunch will be taken at the end of your visit just before you board the bus.  Listed below are a few suggestions and guidelines for your visit.  If you have been out to Fort Concho for Frontier School before, some of the items listed below will be familiar to you;

  • Make sure your students dress for the weather. We will be indoors for the majority of your visit, but the schoolhouse does not have air conditioning and can be drafty on cooler days.
  • We will talk about how people lived and dressed differently than we do today during the program, so you may want to encourage your students to wear button down shirts with jeans for the boys and skirts or dresses for the girls.
  • We store all drinks in a refrigerator during lessons, but bring all other lunch items to the schoolhouse. Student lunches were also different during the late 1800s, so you may encourage the students to bring items similar to what would have been available during that time.  Here is a list of foods the students might try to bring that day:
    • Fresh, not packaged, fruits
    • Fresh vegetables
    • Hard boiled eggs
    • Slices of bread
  • We treat the students as if they are our students during their lessons in the schoolhouse. When you arrive please let us know if you have students with behavioral issues or if you have a special needs student so that we can tailor our lessons to those students appropriately.
  • We are currently working toward providing pre and post visit activities and lessons (TEKS aligned) so please check back for updates and new resources prior to your visit.
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