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Service Opportunities

Fort Concho has been pleased to work with various groups and individuals looking for community service opportunities. Whether you are a student organization from the local learning institutions, a group from Goodfellow Air Force Base, or a scout looking to complete your service project, Fort Concho offers a unique setting for your community service goals.

Service opportunities at Fort Concho may involve grounds keeping, building clean-up, painting, or other general upkeep of the site. Please call in advance to schedule your group. We want you to have a positive and productive experience while at our site, so scheduling in advance will allow us to find the appropriate service activity for your organization.

Boy Scouts

If you are a scout looking for an institution that could benefit from your service project, consider Fort Concho as your organization of choice. Over the years we have partnered with many scouts from the Concho Valley whose projects have greatly contributed to the fort’s appearance, progress, and enhancement. Past projects have included the creation of display cases and cabinets, modest renovations of buildings, improvements to restrooms, special fundraising, and landscaping. The fort has a number of projects that meet the guidelines for the Scout’s rank advancement, but we welcome your project ideas and input.

For more information on service opportunities, please contact us at 325-481-2646.

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