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According to its guidelines, the Fort Concho Infantry unit “shall portray the 16th U.S. Infantry of the late 1870s and early 1880s.” The program also maintains two period army wagons, an ambulance and an escort wagon. An artillery piece, a three-inch ordnance rifle with a limber, is assigned to the infantry and program participants fire the gun throughout the year at demonstrations and special living history events.

The program’s primary function is educational; its members participate in activities on and off the Fort Concho grounds to educate the public about life and activities of the Indian Wars army. The unit also takes part in community activities and celebrations. In the past, the unit has marched in parades, held training encampments, visited numerous Texas communities, and performed at many Fort Concho events.

The Fort Concho Infantry is dedicated to authenticity in its uniforms, equipment, and programs. Late nineteenth century military rank and procedure are followed during all activities; a separate “out of uniform” organization allows all members to participate in unit affairs. Fort Concho provides most of the necessary uniform and equipment for full participation, but it also encourages volunteers to collect their own replica gear. There are no fees or membership dues to be an active participant with the site’s living history program.

For more information about the program contact the Fort Concho Infantry, Company Clerk, 630 South Oakes, San Angelo, Texas, 76903, call (325)657-4443, or e-mail

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