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The Fort Concho Cavalry began as a project of the Rotary Club of West San Angelo in 1983.  Organizing the initial research and coordinating a fundraising campaign with other civic organizations, the club reached its first goal of creating an authentic, six-man cavalry squad by the summer of 1984.

Today, members portray Company “D” of the 4th Cavalry, a unit stationed at Fort Concho during the early years in 1871-1873.  This regiment claimed as its commander the legendary Ranald Mackenzie, one of the period’s best known frontier military officers.  The uniforms and equipment of Company “D” accurately reflects that of cavalry soldiers over a century ago.

The unit’s primary function is educational; its members participate in activities on and off the Fort Concho grounds to teach the public about the life of the western frontier army.  The cavalry also takes part in community celebrations while promoting San Angelo and Fort Concho.

The Fort Concho Cavalry is dedicated to authenticity in its uniforms, equipment, and on-field programs.  Late nineteenth century military rank and procedure are followed during an activity.  A separate “out-of-uniform” system allows all members a voice in unit affairs.

As a volunteer organization, the Fort Concho Cavalry is continually looking for new members.  An applicant should be able to provide his own horse, minor clothing items and boots.  A basic uniform is provided, and new members are encouraged to collect their own set of clothing and equipment.  Most unit activities take place on evenings and weekends.

If you have an interest in history and community service, you are welcome to look into an “enlistment.”  For more information, call (325)657-4443  or email

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