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Buffalo Soldiers

Organized in February of 1987, the Fort Concho Buffalo Soldiers take part in the living history program of the Fort Concho Museum.  With the Fort Concho Infantry and Cavalry units, the Buffalo Soldiers help the museum tell the story of the military frontier.

Our Buffalo Soldiers recreate Company “A” of the 10th Cavalry, one of the two all-black cavalry regiments that protected the Southwest and Great Plains in the late 19th century.  Two all-black regiments of infantry and two cavalry performed various duties in the American West with distinction in the Indian Wars period (1866-1891).  Fort Concho’s Buffalo Soldiers portray a dismounted cavalry company from the late 1870s.

According to various stories, the term “Buffalo Soldier” was a compliment to the black soldier’s courage given by his Indian foe.  Equating the hair style of the previously unseen blacks to that of the sacred buffalo, the Indians fought but also respected their infantry and cavalry adversaries.  The term has endured and the buffalo remains on the 10th Cavalry’s regimental crest.

The uniforms and equipment of the unit accurately reflect what was worn and used a century ago.  The unit is composed of volunteers.  Members donate their time to training and public activities in San Angelo and other Texas communities to interpret the life of the black frontier soldier.

While in uniform, members follow late 19th century military rank and procedures as part of the accurate portrayal of the period.  A separate “out-of-uniform” system allows all active members a voice in unit affairs. There are no fees for membership and Fort Concho Museum supplies most of the necessary uniform and equipment except for minor personal items.  Most unit activities take place on evenings or weekends. The average time commitment is four to eight hours per month.

If you have an interest in history, community service, and the military, you are welcome to look into an “enlistment.”  For more information call (325) 657-4443, or email

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