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Christmas at Old Fort Concho
Frequently Asked Questions
I prefer not to fight the crowds; when is the more quiet time to visit?

The best hours to avoid the crowds are the first few hours (3-5 pm) on Friday, and the opening hours (11 am – 1 pm) of Sunday.

What if there is poor weather?

The Christmas event takes place rain or shine! We have experienced everything from 25 degrees to 85 degrees, a little snow here and there, high winds, and, every now and then, rain…but the event goes on! Of course, many outdoor events/programs will be changed or moved in case of poor weather. There are no refunds for grounds admissions tickets/passes.

What is the weather normally like that first weekend of December?

The average temperatures are 33-36 degrees first thing in the morning, warming up to about 60-65 by mid afternoon, with light SW winds. December is one of the drier months in San Angelo.

How long does it take to see everything at Christmas at Old Fort Concho?

With forty-acres, twenty four buildings, and ongoing/changing outside programs and entertainment, we recommend at least a full day, and perhaps a second visit to catch everything you didn’t fully experience on the first day. The minimum time recommended is a half-day.

How is the parking situation?

Almost 1000 parking spaces are located west and north of the site in a variety of paved, lighted lots.

Is there a “best time” to visit Christmas at Old Fort Concho?

This event has a full slate of activities all weekend long during regular hours. Some folks like the evenings when the Parade Ground campfires are glowing; some prefer the daytime; others beat the crowds and arrive just after the event opens.

May I bring my dog?

Unfortunately no, since it gets pretty crowded and it is a very noisy setting, it may not be hospitable to every dog. Service dogs, of course, are always welcome. Only Service dogs may enter the buildings.

I have a large group (and a bus); where can I park; is there a discount?

Call us at (325) 481-2646 or e-mail us at and let’s talk.

If I arrive late, can I use that day’s admission for the next day?

A single day pass is good for only that day; to ensure multiple day admissions, consider the weekend pass that covers three days for the price of two.

May I take pictures?

Sure; and if you have some exceptional ones, send us a copy!

Are the buildings wheelchair accessible?

All programs, events, and displays are on the ground floors, and all buildings have a system of ramps that should accommodate all wheelchairs.

May I bring my school class?

Yes, we have a special program for schools that is held on Friday, 9-11 am and 12-2 pm. Call our Education Coordinator at (325) 657-4443 or email

How do I get involved as a volunteer?

Call our Special Events office at the fort at (325) 657-4441;

Is there room left for me to have a crafts booth?

All merchant, food, and artisan spaces are filled by the late summer via a “Call for Entries” process. To get on the mailing list for 2023 and beyond, contact us at (325) 657-4441. The outside tents (Sutlers) are coordinated by the Education Coordinator at (325) 657-4443.

I am a living history re-enactor; may I come and participate?

Call Sarah Ross at (325) 650-3161 for details. All re-enactors must register at the event. This is especially critical if you are bringing a horse.

What else is going on that weekend?

San Angelo has the Concho Christmas Lights, the Art Museum, the Ballet’s Nutcracker, the Symphony’s Concert, the Railway Depot “Trains with Santa,” and much more. Check the San Angelo Chamber of Commerce web site at

What do you recommend for hotels and motels?

We recommend that you make reservations as this first weekend of December gets very busy. Check out the chamber’s web site for additional details on lodging ( Lodging facilities in the city are no more than 15 minutes from the fort’s front gate.

Is there an ATM on site?

Yes, located at the fort’s far NE corner, between Barracks 6 and the Commissary Buildings.

Where is the Information Booth? - Where can I buy Tickets?

There are ticket booths between Barracks 6 and Commissary. As well as two ticket booths on each end of the Parade Ground near Barracks 1 and Officer’s Quarters 1. Two ticket booths will be offering Credit Card Transactions (Visa/Mastercard only). The fort’s Visitor Center at Barracks 1 (northwest corner of the Parade Ground; entrance through the glass doors serves as an information center and lost/found area. You can also call the Visitor Center at (325) 657-4444; e-mail at

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