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Collections Policy

A Collections Management Policy defines the scope and limits of the museum’s collection and establishes standards and guidelines for its acquisition, deaccession, documentation, preservation, loans, security and management.

Collections Policy of Fort Concho Museum

The primary objective is to acquire and preserve original buildings of Fort Concho, and sufficient grounds to establish its environment and to provide for its protection and servicing.

Secondarily, the policy is to acquire original material that was associated with Fort Concho, with a concentration centered on the time period 1867-1889. Other objects will be acquired which enable the Museum to interpret Fort Concho and its environs.

Thirdly, attention shall be given to the acquisition of objects that relate to the development of San Angelo and its trade area in West Texas prior to 1920.

The Museum will accept acquisitions only if they are given as outright and unrestricted gifts and normally long-term loans will not be accepted as part of its collections.

Fort Concho Museum will not knowingly acquire by gift or purchase objects which have been excavated, or removed, from any of the States of the United States or from any foreign country contrary to the laws of that state or country.

All potential acquisitions, including primary archival material, will be decided upon by the Curator, Archivist, Site Manager, and/or a designee within the Acquisition Committee. Potential acquisitions that may be of value to Fort Concho, but not within the Committee guidelines will be presented to the Acquisition Committee for consideration. All accepted items will be reported to the Fort Concho Museum Board in the Director’s monthly report.

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