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June 19, 2024 – Forks

Curator's Corner
1. June 19, 2024 – Forks
2. June 12, 2024 – Cup
From the Collection of Douglas McChristian
Object#s 2019.1.505 & 2019.1.715
The army issued no tableware until the late 1880s. Companies were forced to purchase their own pieces, usually from commercial sources. Plain items were preferred due to cost but many of these companies purchased items with their unit designation as a matter of company pride. These two particular examples of flatware are marked on the handles.
Object# 2019.1.505 was recovered from Fort Craig, NM and has “Co. I” on the handle. It will be hard to definitively say which regiment or branch of service was associated with this company. That little information may narrow down some possibilities depending on which units served at Fort Craig. Conversely, object# 2019.1.715 is marked “Co E. 6th INF’TY” leaving no doubt which company, regiment, and branch of the army utilized this piece (Company E, 6th Infantry). It was found at Fort Buford, ND and possibly used by officers of Company E.
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