Enlisted Men's Barracks

August 1869 marked the completion of Barracks 1 and Barracks 2, the two cavalry barracks built at Fort Concho. Each of the barracks was built of double sets of squadron rooms 82' long with a sally port between the rooms. A single company was to occupy a squadron room. Behind all barracks were the company mess halls.

Today, Barracks 1 is the site's visitor center and administrative offices. Visitors coming to Fort Concho begin their tour here with a brief overview of the site. A temporary exhibit hall and gift shop are also located here. Barracks 2 is open to the public as an exhibit hall showcasing the fort's reproduction artillery piece, limber and harness.

After the fort's abandonment in 1889, Barracks 3 & 4 were utilized for a variety of purposes including the Hotel Concho and warehouses. Time coupled with the effects of fire and abandonment took their toll as the buildings no longer exist. However, the foundations have been preserved and it is the hope that in the future reconstruction of the buildings will fill the gap now left in barracks row.

Barracks 5 & 6 received a slightly better fate than the other barracks. In the 1920s, these barracks were utilized by the National Guard as a stables and warehouse, however they too were falling into ruin by the late 1940s. In 1951, they were purchased for the museum. Today, Barracks 5 houses an exhibit related to the life of the 19th century soldier. The squad room, orderly rooms and mess hall appear today as the might have in the 1870s and 1880s when the post was active.

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